Heroes of the Sea

We had visitors again. Sid & Frank from Germany stayed on board the KiiLee for a week. We had a lot of fun together. Some impressions of this (hardship) week in the following video:


Visit from home.

Last week we had visitors from home. My girlfriend and my mother visited us here in Poros. They obviously liked it a lot. We have experienced a lot:

On a tour with the rental car we discovered this great bay in the north of Poros.

The same bay can be seen in the background. We should definitely go there by ship!

After returning to the port, we noticed that our dinghy had torn away from the side of the ship. Here the two sailors correcting the problem. No wonder the girls grab the opportunity and take pictures of these two great asses.

We went to Epidaurus by rental car and visited the amphitheater. It is impressive what the Greeks achieved over 2,000 years ago.

At the entrance of the amphitheater there is a shop for drinks and snacks. Usually several thousand tourists come here by bus every day. Because of Corona we were almost alone that day. Fortunately, the local cats would have starved to death that day without me!

A trip to Hydra Island. We took the ferry, this port is not easy to find a safe place. The anchor chains of the various ships are constantly knotted here because the port is particularly small but very popular.

Hydra is very suitable for extensive shopping. The two girls were hardworking while I was enjoying several cappuccinos with Ivo.

You can swim perfectly on Hydra. On the north side there are mainly stone / beton platforms, but the super clear water is unique. Unfortunately we didn’t have time as the ferry back to Poros was already waiting.

Sometime this week there was a minor incident that made it necessary for me to dive to the bottom of the harbor. The picture shows men helping each other shower (and having fun)

We had a great week with the girls in Poros. Tanja made it possible for my mother to come here at all. I’m very grateful for that, because my mother really wanted to see what the two dropouts were doing all day.

I think my mother liked it a lot. Ivo and I were very happy about the visit.

The next guests are coming tomorrow: 2 friends from Mönchengladbach want to go sailing with us for a week.

We are looking forward to it and will report.

Andreas & Ivo


first update

Hi Guys,

here is a short intermediate result. I arrived in Greece on June 16, 2020 with a delay of 2.5 months.

Since we still wanted to do a lot on the ship, we gave full throttle on June 17th, 2020. Therefore an entry only now.

Sorry for that !!!

Here are the last ones working on the ship. The caption!!! was one of the most important … 😉

We went into the water on June 20th, when we had the first problem. We had anchored nicely in the bay of Kilada and made a test drive with our dinghy. It worked for me 🙂 when it was Andreas’ turn and I was in the ship to clean up my cabin I heard loud screaming …… What happened? Andreas came rowing up (luckily we had put the oars in the dinghy and hadn’t forgotten). The motor of the dinghy no longer ran ….. After a short check, we found that there was no water (serves for cooling).

So what to do Dismantle the engine … What happened? Impeller defective. Of course we had on board, as it should be for professionals …..

A quick change and test drive …

in the evening there was a violent thunderstorm. Have survived everything intact. It was all the nicer afterwards …

The next morning after we had checked everything, we went to Nafplion

What did we see?

from there it went to Porto Heli. There we have a mooring. (Please google technical terms … ;-)) there we lie and enjoy the sun.

See you soon. Entries will follow ……


Great days in Poros

Ahoy people

we have been anchoring off the island of Poros for about 3 weeks. It’s so beautiful here that you run the risk of staying here permanently. But as you know, we have other plans. Visitors come on Saturday: my girlfriend and my mother come to us for a week.

We have been working a lot lately, but we have also enjoyed life. Tomorrow we want to go on a short sailing trip with friends and then be back in time for the weekend.

We have installed a new wind transmitter. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. A new one is already on the way from Germany.


When working in the mast, the view isn’t that bad, is it?


A friendly neighbor took this picture when he spotted me in the mast high above. Many thanks to Guido Börner. You both continue to have a great time. Hope to see you again!



We recently met for a sundowner on a friend’s ship. The clouds in the picture are from a large forest fire near Corinth. The next day, many airplanes and helicopters flew. In the afternoon the fire was extinguished.


Our hatches were partially leaking in heavy rain. Besides, they didn’t look that great anymore. So we completely dismantled the hatches, put in new seals and covered the windows with tint film. Special thanks go to Daniela Andruszkiewicz, an old college friend of my sister. She lives in Boston USA and got us the seals in the only shop that still has spare parts for our old hatches. Dear Daniela, we will stop by and thank you personally! (but will take a while)


From tomorrow we will be on the road for a few days as I said. There is a city submerged in the sea near Epidavros to be discovered.

We will report.

Best wishes

Andreas & Ivo

latest News: Ivo postpones his arrival, my supplies are running low …

Now the Corona Virus has also affected us: Ivo cannot travel to Greece. When he will come is not sure. In the meantime I’m running out of supplies. Since I don’t have a car, I have to come up with something. More on this in the video

Standings in Kilada – Greece

Here is a short video of the status in Greece. Hopefully we will soon be lying in the bay behind me with our KiiLee and start our sailing adventure.

Corona quarantine – a real challenge

I want to show you how difficult it is for me to isolate myself in times of Corona.

Check out the video and have some pity!